Skint put up for sale

The controversial domain name will be auctioned off in New York next month.

The sale price will likely put this week's $1 million sale of in the shade. last changed hands in 2006 for an estimated $14 million and bidders in the latest auction will have to place at least $1 million into escrow just to get through the door.

The tale of is perhaps the most complex and lurid in domaining history. First registered for free by a speculator named Gary Kremen in 1994, it was quickly appropriated by a con-man called Stephen Cohen, who proceeded to make millions from the scam.

Both strong personalities, Kremen spent five years fighting Cohen in court and out before the URL was finally returned to his control in 2000.

The current owner, Escom, which purchased in 2006, is currently in foreclosure proceedings. The site itself is simply a paid link farm.