Sony Ericsson Refused Google's Proposal To Build Nexus One

Sony Ericsson’s chief executive Bert Nordberg made a striking revelation in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan, when he said Google first asked his company to build Google Nexus One smartphone, but it turned down the offer, paving the way for HTC to do it.

Upholding the company’s decision, Nordberg told the newspaper that his company seeks to release handsets under its own brand name, and prefers to count on its own efforts to make a mark in the US market.

However, the company has already been partnering with Google for its Android-based smartphone range Xperia X10.

Nordberg said Sony Ericsson is in fact focussing on bolstering up gaming experience on handsets, something that is being dubbed as the next big thing in the smartphones by many.

This comes as a big surprise to many, as Google Nexus One has already garnered a noteworthy hype just within a few days of its launch (ed : although the backlash over customer support can still be felt).

Although the rejection for becoming a subcontractor point towards company’s determination to carve out the niche in the US market on its own, this presumably didn’t come as very professional from the business point of view.

Especially when the company hasn’t seemingly been doing that well of late, as it had to pull the shutters on four facilities and issue pink-slips to 2,000 workers.

Our Comments

Like an ageing actor that refuses a life-changing role in a blockbuster movie only for a newcomer to move in, Sony Ericsson has chosen to say no to the Nexus One, an opportunity that HTC was apparently only please to jump on.

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