Steve Jobs Called Flash a CPU Hog Says Valleywag

Valleywag, the technology blog of, has reported that Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who had recently revealed the iPad tablet PC, continued his streak of Flash-bashing while he was at a private meeting with Wall Street Journal executives in New York.

According to the report, the sources present at the meeting between Steve Jobs and the WSJ executives have confirmed that Jobs dropped a load of criticism on the solution and tried to convince the publication to develop content for the iPad, which doesn’t support flash.

Sometime back, the Apple CEO was reported to be heavily critical of Adobe’s software at one of Apple’s employee meetings, calling the people at Adobe slow for not making technology advances where flash was concerned.

He had also declared at the employee meeting that Adobe Flash player was old technology and bug-ridden.

However, according to Valleywag, Jobs went a step too far by using a highly illustrative choice of words, such as "a CPU hog," full of "security holes," and "old technology", while describing Flash to the WSJ executive who made the mistake of asking Jobs whether Flash will be made available for the iPad or not.

Adobe's CTO rebuffed Apple's accusations saying that the company was working hard to improve its Flash technology.