WiReach allows 3G network sharing

Connect One's WiReach allows 3G mobile broadband users share their connection using Wifi, but it won't make service providers happy if it ever reaches the UK.

The $99 device which has a USB port into which you plug your 3G mobile dongle, allows you to share that overpriced network connection with up to ten other people wirelessly.

Which all sounds like a great idea but we reckon you should check the small print of your service contract before inviting all of your mates - or all the other residents of your block of flats - to jump on your bandwidth.

Most broadband contracts impose limitations on who can share the connection and opening up your wireless network to others could leave you liable to prosecution if anyone uses it to do anything illegal, with or without your knowledge.

There's no indication of whether Connect One will try to bring the device to the UK market, but you can expect severe opposition form the likes of Orange and O2 if it ever does make it across the pond.