£366 T-Mobile G2 Touch 100m 100t Ultd Internet

HTC were part of the winning team that helped launch Android operating system to the world. They delivered the G1 hardware, alongside T-Mobile & Google. They have since introduced a range of both Android and Windows phones under their own brand to critical acclaim.

They have positioned themselves at the forefront of cutting edge in both the technology and design delivering award winning phones, with the HTC Hero (otherwise known as the T-Mobile G2 Touch)

By choosing a HTC phone, you will be guaranteed to get the latest stylish handset, accompanied by the leading user interface and operating system to bring you the best apps and one of the best user experiences available.

This phone needs our Internet Booster, giving you unlimited internet.

Clever phones like this needs the internet for their 'always-on' internet connection, internet will be included in your price plan, so you can choose a different Flexible Booster.

Note that you will be paying £126 initially with 24 months at £10 for 100 minutes, 100 texts and unlimited internet, direct from T-Mobile.