Chinese schools deny hand in Google hack

The Chinese university and school fingered in a report in the New York Times as being the source of cyber attacks on Google have both claimed innocence.

A spokesman for Shanghai Jiaotong University said the allegations were completely false.

"We were shocked and indignant to hear these baseless allegations which may harm the university's reputation," the man to told the Xinhua news agency.

"The report of the New York Times was based simply on an IP address. Given the highly developed network technology today, such a report is neither objective nor balanced," he said.

A local Communiust party official also said that an investigation at Lanxiang Vocational School, which was also named in the Times' report, had failed to find any evidence of the alleged attack on Google and other US corporations coming from its premises.

"Investigation in the staff found no trace the attacks originated from our school," Li Zixiang, a party chief in Shandong Province, told Xinhua.

He also denied the school had any links with Chinese military and said there was no Ukrainian professor at the school as the Times report claimed. "We have never employed any foreign staff," he said.