Apple iPad Available On Preorder Next Week?

Appadvice, a technology blog, has reported that according to some sources familiar with the matter, Apple Inc, will taking pre-orders on much hyped tablet device iPad, from February 25th.

The iPad was recently unveiled by the company’s CEO Steve Jobs at a press conference in San Francisco and has received much admiration and equal criticism from the technology fraternity. Most believe there is nothing innovative about the iPad and see it only as a bloated iPod Touch.

Despite the criticism, the device has been successful in creating a buzz in true Apple fashion and is expected to do well in the US markets, a claim supported some prominent US market researchers.

As for as Steve Jobs announcement goes, the CEO had said at the time of the unveiling that the device will be available in stores within 60 days of its unveiling which means that the launch date will be somewhere around 25th March, therefore, the pre-ordering should start a month before that.

The report on Appadvice had also reported that the company plans to dish out only the WiFi version of the tablet for starters with the 3G version being released sometime in April. The device will be available for $499 for the 16GB model, $599 for the 32GB and $699 for the 64GB one.