Apple lauded for quality customer service

Apple has been named the third best company in the USA when it comes to customer service, according to a survey conducted by Business Week.

The list of the top 25 companies ranked by customer satisfaction was topped by catalogue clothing outfit LL Bean - which sells baggy trousers to outsized Americans - and insurance company USAA.

Apple came third with Dell, the only other tech company in the top ranking, squeaking in at 23rd.

The Cupertino company also came fourth based on the number of people who would definitely recommend the brand (66 per cent), but only 20th in the rankings of people who would definitely buy an Apple product, suggesting that the company's marketing spin is somehow better than its products.

Jobs' Mob achieved A+ ratings for both quality of staff and efficiency of service.

Based on responses from over 1,000 punters from JD Power's database, the results bucked a predicted downward trend in customer satisfaction as companies slashed after sales budgets, with the average score falling by just one per cent.