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Today's wibble around the web takes in everything from motherboards to graphics cards through water cooling systems to storage of both the spinny and solid state varieties. Why spend all day trawling around the Internet we we can do it for you?

Ocaholic takes a look at the Asus Maximus III Gene which it describes as 'an excellent motherboard which only needs little space and is able to score with features and top performance'. A good choice for anyone looking to assemble a compact but powerful system.

Hexus reckons MSI has gone to town on its Radeon HD 5770 HAWK Edition pixel pusher describing it as 'an innovative graphics card that's slightly undone by the cost of implementing 'military-class' extras'. They also say that the Afterburner/Kombuster software bundle is pretty good and that the card overclocks well, once the voltage has been cranked up. A good buy £140, but not so great at the £155 average market price. has an in-depth investigation of Corsair's Hydro Series H50 Water Cooling System which supports the latest and greatest CPU Sockets, making it a great choice for everyone. They conclude that, if you want to liquid cool a system, do not have a lot of money or experience with installation, then the Corsair H50 is a great choice.

Tech Gage's Rob Williams unboxes and rates Sapphire's Radeon HD 5850 Toxic which he says has an interesting design, and with overclocking can match the performance of the HD 5870. Rob concludes, "Sapphire is doing some great things, so it's hard to not feel like it's the competition that's not trying hard enough to wow us".

The Guru of 3D is putting G.Skill's Falcon II 128GB SSD through its paces and says read speeds manage around 220 MB/sec and write performance hits 150 MB/sec. They say the Falcon II carries a price tag of €300 for the 128GB model making it €50 cheaper than the competition. The only problem being that no-one seems to know where to buy it from.

Sticking with storage, Tech Report recommends Western Digital's 6Gbps Caviar Black 1TB hard drive for anyone building high-performance desktops without the budget for a multi-drive setup. Geoff Gesior reckons the drive's faster interface allows it to address the two 500GB platters much faster than most.

Overclockers HQ has the Asus P7H55D-M EVO 1156 Motherboard on its test bench today. There are loads of videos to support OHQ's conclusion that this is a great board for both media and gaming. They reckon it fully utilises the potential of the i5 661, and the software included makes it a killer board for its $130 price point.

Hardware Zone is looking at DFI's LanParty MI P55-T36 (Intel P55), a mini ITX mobo so tiny it was very nearly crushed to death by the outfit's test components. They reckon it has definite novelty appeal and with the right system setup, could find itself at the heart of a very competent gaming or home theatre system.

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