Fermi “may” be available to buy on 26 March

Prepare for a small dose of disappointment, because we were hoping to have some juicy morsels about Fermi when the little hand hit 5pm GMT today, but instead Nvidia continues to tease us with vague clues.

The good news is that Nvidia appears to be very confident that Fermi is on the road to the shops, saying that “The wait is almost over!” Not only that, but gamers will be able to try out the first Fermi GPUs for themselves at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) 2010.

Is this the launch date for Fermi? Nvidia refused to comment when we asked the company, but there’s but there’s certainly a hint about the GPU architecture’s availability.

Nvidia says that visitors to the Nvidia booth at PAX 2010 “may even be able to buy one before anyone else,” which implies that finished GeForce GTX 470 and 480 cards will be ready for sale at the end of next month. But we doubt it, somehow.

Does this constitute a “major announcement”? Not really. Although there’s little official information, it looks as though Fermi will be on show and available to buy on 26 March - if only at the Expo. Volume production is a while away yet, we suspect.