Hacker closes in on PS3 breakthrough

The hacker who opened up the iPhone reckons he's close to doing the same to Sony's Playstation 3.

George Hotz - who is more commonly known by his hacker tag Geohot - reckons he now has access to the games console's most intimate innards and has complete control of the system's GameOS.

"Today I verified my theories about running the isolated SPUs as crypto engines, the hacker says in his blog. "I believe that defeats the last technical argument against the PS3 being hacked."

Holtz admits that some areas of the hardware's architecture will probably never be hacked but says that is no barrier to the kind of exploits which have plagued other platforms.

"You still didn't get the Cell root key. And I never will. But it doesn't matter. For example, we don't have either the iPhone or PSP "root key". But I don't think anyone doubts the hackedness of those systems."

Nor will anyone doubt Sony's hacked-offedness over this latest exploit.

Holtz says he's not interested in pirating games for the console but that won't stop others from using his findings to allow the PS3 to play downloaded software.

Even if a workable exploit is found, Sony is expected to quickly block its use with system updates, but then that hasn't worked for the XBox or the Wii. Or Sony's own PSP for that matter.