IBM Adds Intelliden To Tivoli

International Business Machines (IBM), the world’s biggest enterprise software vendor, has acquired network automation software maker Intelliden, in an attempt to expand its product portfolio by integrating the newly-acquired firm with the Tivoli Software group.

According to a statement released by the Big Blue, Intelliden develops software which allows users to automate the configuration process of devices such as routers, hubs and switches and is of critical importance to data centers shifting to virtualization or cloud computing services.

Commenting on the strategic acquisition of Intelliden, IBM representatives said in an official statement that "By acquiring this automation technology, IBM aims to help clients improve network service availability, decrease risk through compliance reporting and improve staff efficiency."

The product portfolio offered by Intelliden includes iAudit software which is designed to check network device configuration on the basis of guidelines set by technology vendors like Cisco.

Intelliden's portfolio also includes software that simplifies management of operating system in networks comprising of multiple vendors, automation of network change, and configuration management along with dynamic provisioning of network resources.

IBM plans to use Intelliden technology with Tivoli group products in order to cater existing clients more efficiently and rope-in new clients by offering a complete solution of virtualization and cloud computing based services.