Infoworld Columnist Revealed As Man Behind XPNet

An investigation from the tech news has found out that the chief technology officer of a small software firm, named Devil Mountain Software, was actually a pseudonym created by an InfoWorld columnist.

The editor in chief of ZDNet, Larry Dignan, divulged the spoof on a Sunday blog post, titled “Why we don't trust Devil Mountain Software (and neither should you)”.

According to the report, Devil Mountain Software’s CTO, Craig Barth, was in fact an InfoWorld’s long serving tech blogger, named Randall C. Kennedy. ZDNet asserted that it had originally intended to publish its findings on Monday, but forced to publish it a day before as InfoWorld cut off its ties with Kennedy.

Denoting reasons for severing relations with Kennedy, InfoWorld’s editor in chief, Eric Knorr, wrote in a blog post that the company had discovered that one of its columnists, Randall C. Kennedy, had been misrepresenting himself to some other media firm as Craig Barth, CTO of Devil Mountain Software (aka

Knorr further quoted: “There is no Craig Barth, and Kennedy has stated that this fabrication was a misguided effort to separate himself (or more accurately, his InfoWorld blogger persona) from his Devil Mountain Software business”.

Devil Mountain Software is specifically tailored to publish reports on Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, and has been claimed “adept at garnering headlines”, with the latest report from the company purporting that around 86 percent of Windows 7 machines were eating too much of the system’s memory.