Infoworld hack sacked over fake alter-ego

An Infoworld blogger, Randall C Kennedy, has had his blog removed from the site after being outed as Craig Barth, CTO of Devil Mountain Software.

Kennedy used the pseudonym so that he could interview himself, in particular with reference to Windows performance issues, since Devil Mountain makes software which is supposed to analyse Windows' performance.

Last week, Kennedy's blog ran a piece claiming Windows 7 is a memory hog. We wrote about it here. He also apparently talked to various media claiming to be the non-existent Craig Barth.

Infoworld rumbled Kennedy and dumped his blog on Friday. Kennedy, the latest posting states, claimed the fabrication was "a misguided effort to separate himself [or more accurately, his InfoWorld blogger persona] from his Devil Mountain Software business".

Kennedy has contributed to Infoworld for over ten years, often on the subject of Windows performance, but the publication says it has no reason to doubt any of his previous findings. "Based on our discovery, however," a hack writes, "we cannot continue our relationship with Kennedy."

Kennedy has since bitten back, however, first after a claim on Arstechnica that the data was cobblers, then over his unceremonious sacking. He blamed Microsoft, which he claimed, "spent incalculable political capital – and cashed in more than a few favours – in order to orchestrate the most one-sided smear campaign in the history of IT journalism."

"In the end," he writes, "this isn’t about any one personality or pseudonym. It’s about the data, and how it describes the IT world around us. And whether that data is positive for Microsoft or negative, I will never lose my resolve or allow myself to be cowed into silence by the powers that be."

He then goes on to urge "individuals and organizations that want to know the truth about Windows to register for a free account."