More Details Emerge About Chinese Involvement In Google Cyber Attacks

The team of cyber security experts investigating the cyber attack on Google has apparently established the identity of the Chinese programmer who created the sophisticated program that was used to hack into Google and other US companies.

This fresh piece of evidence linking the Chinese government to the cyber attack comes days after the team of cyber investigators traced the spyware back to two well known educational institutes in China, with one of them having close ties with the Chinese military.

The Financial Times has reported that according to a security researcher working for the US government, the Chinese programmer is a 30 year-old freelance cyber security expert, who after developing the program, posted a part of it on a Chinese hacking forum, as something he was ‘working on’.

Last year in December, Google had reported a hacking attempt on the firm's corporate infrastructure, which had also targeted the Gmail accounts of some Chinese human rights activists. The company had also revealed that the cyber attack, which had originated from China, had also targeted 20 other US based companies.

Search engine giant Google had threatened to close down its operations in China if the country does not permit it to operate in a censorship free environment.