Natal To Cost Only $50, Outsell Sony ARC by 5-to-1

Since the gaming world appears all set to step into a new era of motion-sensing gaming with the arrival of Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s PlayStation Arc in the coming few months, speculations about the features and pricing details of the two have already started doing rounds.

Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities, on his Gametrailers webcast Pach-Attack, has predicted that the software giant is expected to charge gamers around $50 for its forthcoming Project Natal technology.

In his response to the rumours that Project Natal would sport a price tag worth $150, Pachter asserted that the launch of the motion-sensing technology would be very crucial for the company, and hence they might take a hit on their profits.

“My guess is on Natal, which is really important to them, is they're going to price it at or below their cost”, he said.

Speaking about its camera technology, Pachter said: “I know people say this isn't just a webcam; it's essentially a three-lens camera that does cool things. Talking to my hardware specialist colleagues at Wedbush, it's about $50 in cost”.

Additionally, he also predicted that the Redmond’s Project Natal would significantly outsell Sony’s Arc 5-to-1. This is because unlike Project Natal, Sony’s Arc isn’t an "in the box" solution.