Bloom Box Brings Fuel Cell To Mainstream Market

Bloom Energy is all set to unveil its highly anticipated and slightly controversial fuel cell box, the Bloom Box, which according to the company, is capable of generating massive amounts of clean energy from resources such as water, wind, gas and solar.

Bloom has claimed that the fuel cell box will revolutionise the way companies power their operations by offering a cheap energy source the size of a loaf of bread with the ability to power data centers.

The project was initiated 8 years ago by founder K.R Sridhar and received financial assistance from several venture capitalists including Kleiner Perkins, the company known for giving financial assistance to big wigs like Amazon and Google.

Giving an exclusive insight into the highly top secret project, founder K.R Sridhar had said on CBS's 60 Minutes news program that the fuel cell developed by the company was capable of producing electricity from chemical reactions which were created by the mixing of oxygen with almost any fuel source including solar, wind, water and gas.

The Bloom Box fuel cell product is being tried out by 20 corporations including Google and Wal-Mart and has managed to garner support from former US Secretary of State Colin Powell and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Our Comments

Bloom Energy aimed to develop a cheap energy efficient fuel source capable of powering homes and companies and according to the company, the scientists and researchers at Bloom Energy have managed to do just that.

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