First 3D LED TVs to hit Europe in March

The inexorable rise of everything 3D continues unabated with Korean electronics giant Samsung announcing that it will be the first company to deliver proper 3D capable LED TVs to the UK and the rest of Europe in March.

"The success of recent 3D movie titles is building anticipation from people who want to enjoy the richness of 3D content from the comfort of their living room," said Samsung's Brit bigwig Andy Griffiths. "We are confident that by being first to market with the best integrated technology and approach, we have the best opportunity to capitalise on the market anticipation and continue to strengthen our leadership in 2010."

The company will add 3D capable models to its existing line-ups starting with 8 Series LED sets then moving on to 7 Series LEDs and LCDs and the BD-C6900 Blu-ray player. Series 9 LED, and Series 7 plasma sets as well as the HT-C6930W home theatre set-up will arrive some time in late spring.

Samsung has also announced partnerships with Dreamworks and Technicolour which will see exclusive copies of Monsters vs Aliens bundled with some hardware.

All new 3D TVs will come with ethernet connections - no doubt to facilitate the frequent firmware upgrades required by such a new technology - will be wireless ready - which we suspect means they'll have a USB port which can accept a Wifi dongle - and will have what Samsung is calling Internet@TV - the companies very own app store.

Content providers for the online service include the Cartoon Network, AudioLounge, Box Office 365, Acetrax, Google’s Picasa, Playjam and the History Channel.