IBM Teams Up With Johnson Controls On Smarter Green Buildings

IBM and Johnson Controls have announced a partnership deal under which both the companies will be working together to design and develop technology that will help corporations in reducing their energy costs and curtailing water usage in buildings.

According to the joint statement released by the companies, IBM plans to integrate its business analysis software technology with the building efficiency and power solutions offered by Johnson Controls, which was founded in 1884 by Warren S. Johnson.

The energy efficient solutions developed by the companies will be a part of IBM's Green Building project, which is aimed at providing energy efficient solutions to companies that have high energy and water requirements.

Commenting on the initiative under taken by the companies, Rich Lechner, IBM's vice president of energy & environment, said in an interview that “Over 200 incentives across the United States are being offered, which can have a substantive impact in terms of reducing the cost of the investment. The opportunity is anywhere from 30 percent to 40 percent reduction in energy usage.”

Industry experts have predicted that the information technology department of IBM's Green Business project will grow from $3 billion in 2010 to $6 billion or more in 2015 and has in the past provided some highly effective energy efficient solutions.

Our Comments

Green technology will bring in some significant revenues for companies like Google and IBM as they literally tap in the demand for such solutions. Let see whether others come forward with tangible products and services, Big Blue for now is turning increasingly green.

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