Infineon kicks off patent spat with Elpida

The latest patent spat between memory makers sees Infineon AG, seeking to block imports into the US of memory chips made by Japan's Elpida Memory Inc.

Infineon filed a patent infringement complaint last week with the US International Trade Commission in Washington. It claims Elpida infringed four of it DRAM patents, asserting that Elpida "has engaged in unfair trade practices by making for importation into the United States, and selling after importation, certain DRAM semiconductors and products that infringe four of Infineon's patents covering key inventions in semiconductor processing and device manufacturing," the firm said in a statement.

“We will protect our intellectual property rights, which arise from our commitment to cutting-edge research and development,” said Prof. Dr. Hermann Eul, of Infineon Technologies.

Infineon's complaint with the ITC seeks an exclusion order that operates to bar from entry into the US infringing DRAM semiconductors and products that are imported by or on behalf of Elpida.