Jonathan Ross Reveals Details About Microsoft NATAL

The soon-to-leave BBC TV presenter, Jonathan Ross, has released some information through his Twitter account to more than half a million Twitter followers, about the launch of Microsoft's next generation controller otherwise known as project NATAL.

Ross had nice words for NATAL, saying that the motion sensing 3D Xbox 360 peripheral, was "impressive" but not quite there yet. More importantly, he said that the product will be ready for launch in October 2010 and if they manage to get it right, "Sky's the limit".

It is likely that Ross had signed a "Non Disclosure Agreement" but decided not to respect it after all. MCV says that Microsoft has been "quiet" on Ross's apparently innocent slip prompting a spokesperson to say that “There have been no further announcements on the release date of Project Natal – it remains scheduled for Christmas 2010.”

His son has even posted a video on Youtube about him trying out Project NATAL on a 103-inch Screen where there seems to be lag issues that Microsoft says will be resolved before the item is launched later this year.

In related news, Siliconrepublic was part of a small group of journos invited to test the peripheral and said that the most important requirement to play with NATAL was apparently physical stamina.

Our Comments

Funnily enough the link directing to the JR video was clicked on more than 12,500 times but only 800 or so actually viewed the video it seems. Will Microsoft score a massive winner with NATAL? Will Nintendo come forth with a deadly rival? The answer on a post card please.

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