Kobo e-book store gets UK launch

Kobo has launched its cloud-based e-book service in the UK allowing anywhere access to recent bestsellers and free classics.

The service, which was previously restricted to the US, is now open for business in the UK and features offerings from the likes of Faber & Faber, Random House and Penguin.

Recently-published chart toppers are priced between £9 and £12 on average but theres' a bunch of content prices at a couple of quid, and 'millions' of out-of-copyright classics like Bram Stoker's Dracula for absolutely nothing.

Kobo is offering free reader software for Mac and PC as well as mobile apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Android smartphones.

Because the service is cloud based, you can shuttle between devices and carry on reading where you finished last time as the software keeps your books in sync across multiple platforms.

Books come in either PDF or ePub formats and are priced at up to 31 per cent off of the RRP according to Kobo.

There seem to be some pricing inconsistencies, however. Terry Pratchett's latest Unseen Academicals is given a list price of £22.31. Kobo is flogging it for £8.99 which it says is 60 per cent off of the list price. But Amazon lists the hardback version of the book at £18.99 and sells it for £9.49.

We can't help thinking that paying 50p less for a digital version of a book than a proper hardback is a bit of a rip-off.