Microsoft To Have Minimum Hardware Requirements For Windows Phone 7

Microsoft, which revealed the Window Mobile 7 OS at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, has announced that the latest smartphone operating system offered by the company will come with a minimal hardware requirement which will allow phone manufacturers to distinguish their smartphone handsets.

According to the statement released by the company, other than the Zune-like interface, the Windows 7 mobile operating system will come with minimum hardware requirements that will not restrict the OS to a particular phone.

Explaining the minimalistic requirements of Windows 7, Andy Lees, senior vice president of Microsoft's mobile communications business, said in a press conference that “With this new model, we provide a minimum as to what the hardware needs to be capable of; we don't stop people from adding value over and above that. And what the means is, that means the software and hardware is optimized to work together.”

Microsoft, the Redmond based software giant, has plans to work closely with phone manufacturers to synchronise Windows 7 with their hardware but maintain the user interface offered by the OS.

At the press conference, Lees also added that the user interface offered by the Windows 7 OS will enhance user experience by grouping media functions into a single Hub, which will contain a entertainment hub that will offer media content and a productivity hub which will offer OneNote office tools.

Our Comments

The phone manufacturers will be allowed to add specialized phone functionality that will differ each Windows powered handset from another. This differentiation is essential so that all the smartphones do not end up being clone of one another.

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