Natal release rescheduled reckons Ross

Jonathan Ross was seen fiddling with Microsoft's forthcoming Project Natal motion-sensing set-up at a swanky launch last night.

The presenter was filmed by his son as he wobbled about waving his arms in front of a giant TV screen, trying to fend off balls being fired towards him with an onscreen avatar.

The demo, which looked pretty ropey in a 'smells a bit like Wii' kinda way by all accounts, showed some worrying signs of lag which the Volish minions dismissed, saying the delay would be ironed out in the finished product.

Wossy later Tweeted that the demo was pretty good but that they'd better get it right by the time it was launched in October.

Which caused a bit of a kerfufflle at the Redmond bunker because Microsoft was apparently not planning on sending the XBox peripheral, which is supposed to sell for around fifty quid, out of the door until December at the earliest.