O2 Is Fastest Mobile Broadband Networks In London Says Independent Test

A recent survey commissioned by O2 to estimate broadband speeds performance in the UK has revealed that the network carrier was in fact the fastest operator in London, while results for the rest of the country were a little mixed.

The survey, carried out by the independent contractor SIRODA for O2, involved testing broadband speeds of all the five major broadband operators during various times in a day across 150 different locations over a period of two months.

The tests showed that in January Vodafone was the fastest network operator outside London, while O2 was the clear winner in London with the average web page experience pegged at 1.7 seconds, around 30 percent faster than the slowest operator.

When it was about downloading a music track, O2 was at the top in 12 out of 20 major cities across the country, and further achieved the second spot in another four cities.

However, the web page loading performance was dominated by Vodafone which came on top in five cities, ahead of Orange, O2, and T-Mobile, which attained the top rank in four cities.

Speaking about the utility of the findings, SIRODA’s Simon Page said: “This nationwide survey reflects actual customer experience in the places where data is in most demand. Regularly testing in this way helps identify areas for investment”.

Our Comments

This speed test come a few months after O2's network suffered some major downtime across London. The problem is that there currently exists no real time auditing system that like, motorway cameras, can tell exactly across networks where bottlenecks can be found.

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