Superman comic sells for a million bucks

A copy of the first comic in which Superman appeared has been sold for $1 million (£646,000) in an Internet auction.

The very first issue of Action Comics was published in 1938 and only around 100 are thought to be still around. The previous most-highly priced comic was a less pristine condition edition of the same one, which sold for $317,200 (£205,000) in 2009.

Stephen Fishler, co-owner of the US auction website Comic Connect, said it was "the Holy Grail of comic books," continuing, "Before Action Comics #1, there was no such thing as a superhero or a man who could fly."

His colleague Vincent Zurzolo said, "It's the single most important event in comic book history."

The comic is graded at 8.0 (very fine) on Fishler's own dog-earedness scale. The previous record-holder was a tatty 6.0.

The comic originally cost ten cents.