Zmanda Brings Tivoli To MySQL

Zmanda, the California based vendor of data back-up and recovery tools, has rolled out a software tool which will allow Tivoli Data Center users to integrate their systems with Zmanda Recovery Manager.

The Tivoli Storage Manager, which is part of IBM's portfolio, is designed to allow data system managers to create back-ups of MySQL databases.

According to a statement released by the company, the Tivoli Storage Manager (TMS) option will be available in the Zmanda Recovery Manager and will allow seamless integration between Tivoli Systems and Zmanda Recovery Manager.

The ZRM-TSM tool will allow MySQL users to back-up their data using Tivoli in a very easy and efficient manner.

Commenting on the inclusion of the TSM in ZRM open source software, Richard Vining, Product Marketing Manager, IBM Tivoli Storage, said in a statement that “By achieving Ready for Tivoli certification, Zmanda has proven the reliability and seamless integration expected by TSM users. The advanced database protection capabilities of Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, with be coupled IBM TSM.”

The key elements being offered by the ZRM-TSM recovery option include automated scheduling, which will allow users to schedule back-ups of their MySQL database, compatible with almost all MySQL storage systems including InnoDB and MyISAM.

Our Comments

Zmanda is a little known but extremely capable storage player and one which is pretty strong when it comes to open source data recovery and backup solutions. You can find more about the Community Edition of the various solutions from the site itself.

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