Apple ding-dong leads to board appointment

Faced with criticism that its board is a bit of a crusty Old Boys' club, Apple has appointed a glamorous token girl to Cupertino's inner circle.

Andrea Jung, who is also Chief Executive of door-to-door cosmetics giant Avon, will take her seat at the table for her first Apple shareholder meeting tomorrow according to Bloomberg.

Jung, who stealthily replaced Bill Campbell as co-lead of the Apple board in December, has apparently been a mentor to messianic Apple supremo Steve Jobs, who is also expected to show his face at the meeting.

Jung was appointed after commentators suggested that Jobs had filled the Cupertino company's upper echelons with tame yes men, so we guess having a yes woman filling one of the seven seats of ultimate power is a move in a different direction, if not necessarily the right one.

Jobs - who was canned by the Apple board in 1985 - is credited with single-handedly saving the company when he returned after a stint with NeXt Computers in 1997. At that time, and to no-one's surprise, he replaced almost the entire board.