Bloke gets £8000 phone bill using dongle

A 22-year-old student managed to clock up an £8,000 Internet broadband bill after using a dongle on his mobile phone abroad.

Nottingham University student, William Harrison, was beginning a six-month placement in France. In order to have Internet access, he took with him a UK Orange wireless dongle with a 3GB data usage limit.

He said he told Orange he would be abroad and was informed him the 3GB limit on data use would be 'perfectly ample'.

His bill for the first month of use was a whopping £6,101.56.

Somewhat aghast, Harrison stopped using the dongle, but was hit by a further charge of £1,547.21, for the use between the bill date and the stop date.

Harrison seems to have clocked up much of the bill using Skype, which he imagined would be free.

According to the Observer, after a bit of a wrangle, Orange has offered to halve Harrison's bill and accept payment over 24 months.

There is some dispute as to what the salesperson would have advised the potless student when he signed on the dotted line.