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EU To Investigate Google Over Search Domination

Google's increasing dominance over the growing internet market has managed to attract the attention of the European Commission, which has announced a full-scale anti-trust inquiry on Google following complaints from three rivals.

The three European companies includes the UK price comparison site Foundem, an online French guide to legal services, and the Germany-based shopping portal Ciao which is owned by Microsoft.

In their complaints, the European companies have claimed that Google's position in the online ad and search market hampers competition and that the online advertising prices stay artificially high because of this.

Google has been accused of using its dominant market position to boosts its own online services, a practice which does not allow competition to grow as Google gets to choose where to direct customers when they inquire about any project.

A Foundem spokeswoman told BBC that Google has become an internet gateway in the UK and is abusing that position to put forward its own services.

Commenting on the issue, she also added that “As a user, you can go and you can put in any product query that you want and you will be able to see for yourself that they are inserting their own services.”

Our Comments

Meanwhile, the EU has asked Google to submit details regarding its search and online advertising operations in the UK which include the exact functionality behind the search function and online ad policies. We may be finally able to find out what lies behind the legandary "Pagerank".

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