Google execs get six months over abuse vid

Three Google executives have been handed six-month suspended jail sentences over a Youtube video which showed an autistic Italian boy being beaten and abused by four students.

The video was eventually removed after complaints from the public and Downs Syndrome rights group Vivi Down, but the Milanese judge decided that the video posting site had not done so fast enough, according to an AP report on Yahoo News.

The three convicted execs denied the charges saying that they hadn't produced or uploaded the video, and that there was no way they could be held responsible for the thousands of hours of material posted to the site every day. But the judge said the offending clip had quickly shot to the top of the most viewed list and should have been spotted sooner.

Google's senior vice president and chief legal officer David Drummond, former chief financial officer George Reyes and global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer got the six month stretches. Senior product marketing manager Arvind Desikan was acquitted.