Google Rehauls Advertising Platform

Internet search giant Google has dished out an updated version of its ad publishing platform which incorporates DoubleClick's ad publishing technology, which was acquired by the company in a $3 billion takeover in 2007.

According to a statement released by the company, the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) publishing solution will be available in two versions, one targeted at large corporations and other tailored for small businesses.

The DFP publishing tool is designed to simplify the ad publishing process for large and small corporations alike by offering a revamped user interface, a detailed reporting function, better algorithms for efficient ad delivery, a new public API for third-party developers, and integration with DoubleClick's Ad Exchange, which offers real-time auction services for online ad spaces.

Explaining the services offered by the revamped ad platform, Google VP of product management Neal Mohan said in a blog post that “We'll be upgrading current DART for Publishers publishers to DoubleClick for Publishers over the next year as we continue to add features and modules, and we'll be moving Google Ad Manager customers to DFP Small Business in the coming weeks.”

Our Comments

The new ad publishing tool rolled out by the search engine giant will allow the company to attract small businesses that are a vital aspect in the lucrative online ad market which at present is dominated by Google.

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