Intel Also Targeted By "Sophisticated" Cyber Attack In January

Intel has disclosed that it also faced a “sophisticated” hacking attack on its systems, just around the same time when Google reported that its servers had been attacked by Chinese hackers, it has emerged.

The US-based chip giant, however, hasn’t attempted to link attack on its systems with those mentioned by Google according to its filing with the nation’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The company apparently isolated itself from attacks on Google by saying, “We regularly face attempts by others to gain unauthorized access through the Internet to our information technology systems by, for example, masquerading as authorized users or surreptitious introduction of software”.

Shedding more light on the recent wave of sophisticated attacks on its systems, the company stated that one sophisticated hacking attack on its systems occurred “around the same time as the recently publicized security incident reported by Google”.

However, when asked about the connection between the two hacking incidents, an Intel spokesperson said “The only connection is timing”, and declined to give away further details of the attack.

It seems that now that the internet giant Google has candidly admitted to having security breach without much harm to its reputation, other Silicon Valley companies are too becoming a bit more admissive about online intrusions in their perimeters.

Our Comments

Coincidences exist but it is likely that the attacks on Google and Microsoft were carefully planned and part of a bigger collusion. The fact that it happened possibly during the holidays offered a unique window to the attackers as was the availability of an undisclosed critical vulnerability in IE6.

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