Meedan Allows Automatic Content Translation

Meedan a new sophisticated translation web site which is designed to allow users to view translated versions of Arabic news in English and vice versa has become operational.

Based in San Francisco USA, the website aims to bridge to gap between Arabic and English and to dispel miscommunication between both sides by offering an unbiased look at the news from the Middle East and the Western countries.

The idea behind the website is that the media reports on the Arab world sometimes distorts the news and manipulates the perception of the masses. This site will try to dispel these misconceptions by allowing users to view news as it is, straight out of Arab or Western publication.

Meedan means 'town square' in Arabic and makers plan to create an 'online town square' in which people from both the language genres will be able to read translated versions English and Arabic news and present their views on community forums.

Expressing his views on the news translation web site, Ed Bice, Meedan's co-founder and chief executive, said in a statement that “There is a tremendous amount of media attention focused on the Middle East, but for the most part we're looking at those stories through the prism of western news agencies.”

Our Comments

The "Online town square" idea is an interactive feature will allow readers from both the languages to interact with other and debate on issues at hand. A genuinely interesting and useful service that will hopefully make this world slightly better.

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