MSI enables 3D display on ATI GPU

The Taiwanese tech wizards at MSI have revealed a new member of its all-in-one PC family, which not only includes a multi-touch screen, but also has a 120Hz refresh rate. Combine this with the supplied shutter glasses and you’ll get full 3D vision, but there isn’t an Nvidia GPU in sight.

Instead, MSI tells us that the new all-in-one has a mobile ATI Radeon HD 5730 GPU. MSI tells us that the shutter glasses come courtesy of the panel maker, Chi Mei (CMO), which has developed its own 3D system that looks very similar to Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology. By combining a 120Hz display and shutter glasses, the viewer gets a 60Hz refresh rate for each eye, combining to make an eye-friendly 3D image.

We can only assume that the panel used in this all-in-one PC is one of CMO’s multi-touch 3D panels, which Digitimes reports is ready to enter the volume production phase in the first quarter of this year.

Presumably, MSI decided to go with an ATI chip in order to tick off the DirectX 11 checkbox. It’s also not a bad chip in terms of 3D gaming features. It’s not going to rival any top-end cards, but its 400 stream processors and 650MHz core clock will enable it to handle most 3D PC games at half-decent settings. More importantly, it also has a TDP of just 26W, which makes it ideal for an all-in-one PC design, where heat and power consumption are major concerns.

MSI proudly boasts that this is the first all-in-one PC with a 3D multi-touch display, but the company has so far provided little detail about how the 3D features will work in games. MSI also says that this 3D project is still “in development” at the moment, so there are presumably a few issues that need to be ironed out before it’s ready for public consumption.

Instead, the company is currently focusing on how it will handle movies in 3D. “The combination of a 120Hz LED panel and 3D shutter glasses brings the kind of 3D video experience into your home that you would normally only expect from a modern 3D movie theatre,” says the company.

MSI also says that the machine will feature a multi-core Intel processor, and that the panel will feature full 1080p HD resolution. The new all-in-one is scheduled to be unveiled at the CeBIT trade show in Hannover next month. No information on pricing and availability has been revealed yet, but a spokesperson for MSI estimated that it will be available in the third quarter of this year.