Research Shows That UK Consumers Are Baffled By Copyright Laws

A recent study conducted by Government backed Consumer Forum has revealed that almost 73 percent of consumers in Britain are unaware of the fact that under British law, it is illegal to copy music files from CD onto iPods, laptops or any other device.

The organisation conducted a survey of 2000 UK consumers, of which only 17 percent were aware that it was illegal to copy CDs and DVDs onto their computers, 15 percent knew they were not allowed to copy CDs to their iPods and almost 38 percent confessed of copying music files onto their digital players.

The research has thrown light on the outdated copyright laws in Britain, which still classify copying of content from CDs or DVDs onto digital devices as illegal.

The Consumer Forum has asked the government to amend the law, as millions of Britishers were unknowingly breaking British law by copying content on their iPods everyday.

Commenting on the outdated copyright laws, Jill Johnstone, International Director, Consumer Focus, appealing to the government to update the copyright laws, said in a statement that “The credibility of UK copyright law has fallen through the floor. Millions of consumers are regularly copying CDs or DVDs and are unaware they are breaching copyright law.”

Our Comments

Laws need to evolve to reflect the deep cultural changes that has affected the content industry over the past two decades. Laws have always been a mirror of the society in which they were made. It will therefore be important that British copyright laws are amended as soon as possible.

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