Twitter Set To Start Own Ad Platform

Microblogging phenomenon Twitter is expected to monetise its growing popularity and massive user base, as rumours about the company launching its own advertising platforms on its website are doing rounds.

The revelation came from the company’s chief of product management Anamitra Banerji at an Interactive Advertising Bureau event held yesterday, with the announcement of the advertising platform may come as early next month at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.

According to a Media Post’s report, Banerji revealed that the website is “working on an ad platform, but it's only in the test phase". However, he didn’t give an exact launch date on which the platform will be launched, the report added.

Another report published in GigaOM is claiming that the microblogging website would be unleashing the platform at the aforesaid SXSW event in Austin next month.

Reports on such a platform by Twitter have been rife ever since the company’s COO Dick Costolo told the tech blog TechCrunch that his company was working on some lucrative and interesting advertising strategies.

In his interview in November, Costolo told the blog: “We will have an advertising strategy. You will see that from us in the future. It will be fascinating, non-traditional, and people will love it”.

Our Comments

Twitter needs to find a revenue source quick so as to make its investors slightly less nervous. Out of the top 20 websites in the world, it is the only one (other than Wikipedia) that doesn't have a clear revenue strategy for online and it is burning money at an increasingly fast rate.

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