We7 Will Launch Premium Plus Option On 1st Of March

UK-based online music streaming service We7 has said that it will be releasing an iPhone App in a few days that will offer similar features compared to the popular Spotify paid-for service.

At £9.99 per month, the We7 offer will also get rid of adverts and allow on-the-move usage. There's also offline playback capabilities as well as seamless syncing of any playlist available on We7's website.

But, unlike Spotify, it won't offer an ad-supported version and will offer an intermediary ad-free version which won't have the mobile service for £4.99 per month.

Prospective customers can already download the We7 iPhone application from the App store after Apple approved it and will be able to stream any of the four-million tracks from We7's catalogue.

It is not known what the maximum number of devices running on one account will be (Spotify currently allows a maximum of three) and We7 says that it will be offering an Android and a Blackberry version.

The service will only be available in the UK until now while Spotify is already operating in six European countries and is about to launch in the US. We7 might prove to be a more popular option for music labels since it is more geared towards selling tracks.

Our Comments

Spotify still has some rough edges as one employee here found out. One of the problem it seems is that Spotify doesn't currently offer an easy way of managing your premium account. This means for example that you are not able to deselect mobile devices that you no longer own, from your pool of Spotify devices.

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