Xerox Sues Google, Yahoo Over Search Patents

Xerox has filed a lawsuit against Google, Yahoo, and YouTube, accusing the companies of infringing on a couple of patents it owns and relating to web search and integration, it has been reported.

The document copier and printing company, in its lawsuit, alleged that the search giant’s AdWords and AdSense services have infringed upon its patent, number 6,778,979, on ‘system for automatically generating queries’.

In addition, Xerox further complained that Google Maps, Google Videos, YouTube, as well as Yahoo Shopping services, all have been violating its another patent, number 6,236,994, on methods to integrate ‘information and knowledge’ from various sources.

The suit further claimed that Xerox earlier informed the two internet giants about the alleged patent violations, and a spokesperson for Xerox told Bloomberg that it even attempted to arrange licensing agreements with Google and Yahoo.

Along the same line, the company spokesperson told Bloomberg: “We’ve been in dialogue with Google and Yahoo for some time without coming to a resolution. We believe we have no option but to file suit to properly protect our intellectual property”.

On the other hand, both Yahoo and Google have rejected these patent claims, and the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the companies said they were ready to fight the charges brought against them.

Our Comments

Xerox, like Kodak, is one of those companies that have had a glorious part but are behind the curve when it comes to innovation. Still, they do own a sizable patent portfolio and will use them whenever they can, especially when it means taking on much bigger companies.

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