Yahoo Strikes Content Partnership With Twitter

Yahoo! and micro-blogging giant Twitter have announced a partnership deal in which Yahoo will introduce real-time Twitter feeds into its search engine results and email service initially.

In a joint statement released by the companies, the Yahoo-Twitter content sharing deal will embed real-time Twitter updates in almost Yahoo owned websites including Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Sports and Yahoo News.

There are also plans to integrate Twitter with other Yahoo services and websites later this year. The deal will also allow users to view Twitter results regarding their search queries.

Interestingly, the agreement will also allow Yahoo account holders to access their Twitter feeds and profile right from their Yahoo home page.

The Twitter deal follows a similar social networking deal with Facebook which also allowed users to access Facebook content from their Yahoo accounts.

Commenting on the social networking deal, Yahoo! consumer products group vice president Bryan Lamkin said that this deal with Twitter will allow Yahoo to provide better services to its 600 million users.

He also added that “We are turning the key to the online social universe - you will find the most personally relevant experiences through Yahoo! We are also simplifying people?s lives by bringing their social worlds - and the world - together for easy access.”

Our Comments

Yahoo is desperately trying to hold on to its search engine market position, which is slowing disintegrating with the increasing popularity of Google Search and Microsoft Bing. The Twitter announcement comes after a similar one with Google earlier this year.

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