Apple Sells 10 Billionth Song Through iTunes

Apple’s phenomenal iTunes Store has just crossed another milestone, as the store sold 10 billionth music track yesterday afternoon, the company announced.

Apple launched the store back in 2003, when it was exclusively serving music tracks only and hence named as iTunes Music Store, but later on it went on to include videos, podcasts, TV Shows, and other such digital entertainment content.

It therefore took Apple almost seven years to touch that coveted figure of 10 billion. The first billionth song download was achieved in the span of three years after the store was opened, whereas 3-billion mark was reached back in July 2007.

Furthermore, the halfway mark to the yesterday’s 10 billion figure was reached in June 2008. While the first five billion song downloads took a period of almost five years, another five billion pitched in a span less than two years.

In order to celebrate the feat, Apple has announced reward worth $10,000 iTunes card gift for the user who downloaded the 10 billionth track. Incidentally, Wednesday’s achievement coincided with the birthday of Apple’s iconic boss Steve Jobs, who turned 55 yesterday.

Apple’s iTunes accounted for more than a quarter of all music sales in the US, with Wal-Mart lying at the distant second spot with 14 percent of the total US music market.

Our Comments

Interestingly, the total number of downloads clocked by the iTunes is likely to be in excess of 12 billion when iPhone/iPod Touch apps, TV shows and movies are taken into account. This is obviously going to grow as the iPad is launched. We expect it to reach 20 billion by 2012.

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