CA Buys Cloud Solutions Provider 3Tera

IT services provider CA Inc. has acquired cloud computing technology and vendor 3Tera, in an attempt to expand its product portfolio and carve a niche in the lucrative enterprise cloud computing market.

According a statement released by CA, the 3Tera acquisition will allow the company to merge the cloud computing services offered by the latter with the enterprise management tools offered by CA in order to offer its customers a complete IT management package.

The acquisition will see 3Tera providing CA with its AppLogic suite which is designed to help customer encapsulate applications into containers suited for private and public cloud environments.

According to the 3Tera website, currently 30 companies that are running their cloud computing networks on AppLogic which will provide CA with an existing user base to roll out its integrated solutions.

Explaining the technology offered by 3Tera, Jay Fry, vice president of business unit strategy for CA, said in a statement that “The most interesting thing about 3Tera is their ability to give both service providers and enterprises a way to take existing applications and bring them to private and public cloud environments via an elegant interface.”