Cheapo 5830 puts cat amongst pigeons

There's a bundle of graphics card reviews kicking about now, funnily enough many feature Daamit's 5830 cards launched today.

Before we get to those, though here's a look at ASUS' EAH5670 1GB card, which is great if you're upgrading from onboard graphics and don't want to spend a bunch of money, Bjorn's 3D boys reckon.

Down in Tweaktown, the HIS Radeon HD 5450 1GB GDDR3 video card is on the bench. Not a card for gamers, they say. But in Eyefinity, silent and low-profile all the features you want for ideal HTPC or Office PC use are there.

PowerColor's Radeon HD 5970 LCS is not the cheapest HD 5970 out on the market, but, it's a top end performer that comes equipped with top end cooling that looks good and offers game changing performance, according to the Overclockers Club.

So let's turn to the 5830. Hitting the Techspot, AMD is back to serious gaming business with the Radeon HD 5830. Another exciting HD 5800 series product that offers high-end performance at a more affordable price tag, they reckon.

Benchmarkreviews reckons it the "cheapest double-precision card available from ATI, filling the huge performance gap nicely". It includes HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces and is easy to overclock with ATI Overdrive. CrossfireX scalability has been excellent they say.

Gigabyte's P55A-UD7 motherboard is "feature-packed, well-built, has great overclocking features and superb cooling, Techgage reckons. It's a bit more expensive than other offerings, but you're really paying for quality the reviewer said.

SilverStone's FT02 Chassis boasts excellent thermal performance, ease of use and low noise levels, an overall phenomenal chassis, in hardwareheaven

Don't expect the Sony VAIO Y Series notebook to crunch serious numbers or handle hardcore gaming, but it'll handle pretty much everything else.

Much like Gateway's SX2840-01, which Techreviewssource reckons an excellent performer when it comes to day-to-day computing tasks as well as advanced graphics, video, and audio processing, but it doesn't perform well enough to run today's 3D games, they reckon.

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