Google Bets On China, Advertises For More Positions

Google has apparently put on rest the soaring concerns over its looming exit from the Chinese market, as the search engine behemoth has placed advertisements for 30 positions, including software engineers, sales professionals, managers and developers, on its Chinese website.

The move can be seen as an indicator of Google intention to stay in China and it possibly hopes that its business in China, which has been in a rather miserable state since the beginning of this year, probably has some future.

Senior officials from Google, including its chief of public policy Ross LaJeunesse, have reportedly resumed talks with the Chinese government during the occasion of the country’s New Year holiday.

Back in January, Google threatened to exit from the country after it accused that the hackers based in China attacked its systems and its customers’ email accounts.

Relations between Google and Chinese government and Google are in oblivion ever since the government asked Google to comply with the country’s web censorship rules, to which the search engine giant refused to obey.

This would bring a huge sigh of relief for the professionals, particularly scientists and researchers, who have expressed their concerns over the impact Google exit would cause on the country’s research plans.

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Additionally, this comes as a good news for many engineers in China who are looking ahead to work with Google, which still holds a reputation of a good employer in the country. The news that Google "could" leave the country had prompted some unprecedented reactions in the Chinese population for a foreign company.

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