IBM Adds Data Deduplication To Its Mainframe Range

IBM has announced that it is adding data deduplication features to its mainframes via an advanced gateway appliance that involves the capability to compress tape data of up to size 25TB into 1TB worth of disk space.

Big Blue is apparently extending data deduplication ability across its product range with the arrival of the System Storage TS7680 ProtecTIER Duplication Gateway for System z, an exclusive data protection platform tailored for z/OS environments.

The aforementioned T7680 ProtecTier Duplication Gateway merges the company’s signature HyperFactor inline data deduplication software application with its virtual type library (VTL) technology.

HyperFactor actually employs a series of algorithms to find out and filter the data earlier stored by ProtecTIER. This is paving the way for the enhanced data reduction ratios that have been reached to 25:1 with this new move, according to IBM.

Additionally, HyperFactor indices can easily be hosted in the RAM because of its compact size, the company said.

Cindy Grossman, the company’s VP for archive and tape storage systems, touted the move by saying, “Data de-duplication can dramatically extend storage capacity. Today's announcement will help clients manage more data with less infrastructure, simplify information protection, while helping to reduce operational cost and energy usage”.

Our Comments

The deduplication technology used in the company’s ProtecTIER brand uses the technology it obtained from the acquisition of Diligent Technologies Corp back in 2008. We cannot help but think that the 25:1 data reduction ratio is a very optimistic one that could differ significantly from real life ones.

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