Microsoft Attempts To Kill Waledac Botnet

In an attempt to curtail the spam epidemic affecting the world wide web, Microsoft has secured a federal court order which allows it to axe 277 domain names that are being used by hackers to control a massive network of PCs, which in turn are used to spread spam.

Microsoft said in an official statement that it had acquired permission to terminate 277 domain names controlled by the Waledac Botnet.

The entity is supposedly being controlled by Eastern European hackers who control several infected PCs that are responsible for sending at least 1.5 billion spam messages daily.

Commenting on the judges ruling, Microsoft said in the blog statement that “This action has quickly and effectively cut off traffic to Waledac at the '.com' or domain registry level, severing the connection between the command and control centers of the botnet.”

The software giant has mounted several other investigations and counter attacks against the Waledac botnet and is trying to curtail the damage done by the spam network.

The operation, which is referred to as Operation b49, according to the company, is a result of months of investigations and implementation of legal strategy. Last year in April, Microsoft had included a spam detection tool in its anti-virus tool.

Our Comments

The good thing though is that moving to online email services will solve many of the issues associated with spam. When was the last time you actually deleted spam from your Gmail inbox? Furthermore, people are now educated as to the dangers of Spam and the likes.

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