Microsoft To Use Only Three Designs For Windows Phone 7 Smartphones?

Two Microsoft Australia officials have given away details of the hardware designs the company would use for its recently heralded Windows 7 mobile operating system, it has been reported.

According to the details that have emerged, manufacturers would have to release the Windows Mobile 7 series phone only in three restricted hardware designs.

The details were let slipped by the two Microsoft Australia employees, named Andrew Coastes and Michael Kordahi, on a podcast called Frankly Speaking.

However, the duo asserted that their comments were indeed a blend of facts and forecasts, but they eventually ended up in specifying that the handset manufacturers would have to release the mobile phone in three different chassis designs.

The first of these designs would be named Chassis-1, and these handsets would sport large touchscreens and feature a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

The second variant, obviously termed as Chassis-2, would be more like the Palm Treo devices, and would include an in-built keyboard under the display. Some particular aspect ratios would be used for this class of devices, the company said.

The third hardware design, aka Chassis-3, is still under the covers and not much is known about this. However, analysts are expecting that these devices would be smartphones with slide out QWERTY keyboard.

Our Comments

Arguably smartphone manufacturers would not be given much leeway to design exotic handsets. Instead, it is likely that they will comform to these industry standard form factors. Still, it is interesting to find out that ARM processors will all be part of the equation.

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