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Samsung 3D LED TV Glasses To Cost $150 Each

Samsung 55-inch 3D LED HDTV television sets have already gone on sale on Amazon with only one left at $3300 including free shipping at the time of writing and that even that price is undercut by Vann's, another lesser known online retailer that sells it for $3000 (£1955) with free delivery.

The televisions have attracted a significant amount of rave previews and positive publicity but there still is a massive hidden cost that could sink Samsung's attempts to bring 3D content to a mainstream audience.

The only 3D active glasses that we managed to find, the SSG-2100AB, costs a staggering $150 each (again at Vanns') and you WILL need at least one to be able to view the 3D content on the Samsung screen.

The liquid crystal lenses of these so-called Active Shutter glasses go from dark to light several hundreds of times per second while communicating wirelessly with the television set (and ultimately with Blu-ray players and Home Theater in Box from Samsung only).

What's worse, these require a CR2025 battery, may have an adverse effect on brightness and contrast calibration and fit most adults but not children. Therefore, if you have a family of four, you will need to spend at least $600 to get everyone to see 3D content as it is meant to be.

Otherwise, not only those without glasses won't be able to see 3D content but they won't be able to watch the content simultaneously because of the way it is formatted.

Our Comments

So this could potentially be the weak spot of the 3D strategy of Samsung, expensive 3D glasses. Expect a lot of those to be squashed by parents and children as they sit down in the dark on the couch and sofa. Expect many clones to appear in due time and economies of scale to bring the prices down.

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