T-Mobile makes data roaming affordable

Cellphone outfit T-Mobile is launching a new product aimed at people who want to use their mobile broadband whilst travelling.

The new service, called Euro Broadband Boosters, bolts additional European access onto existing mobile data contracts for as little as a pound.

For a single quid, you can get 3MB of data in any European country, which is enough for 15 minutes of email checking, and comparable with what it might cost you to keep in touch using an internet cafe.

You can get 20MB for £5 or £10 will let you get online for 24 hours with a 50MB cap. Business uses will probably pony up for the £40 monthly deal which offers up to 200MB.

A web page will pop up when the data cap is reached offering the user the chance to stump up for another booster.

Hapless Orange user William Harrison could have saved himself an £8,000 bill if only he'd waited until March 1st, which is when the service launches.