Virgin Media To Launch 100mbps Before Christmas 2010

Virgin Media has confirmed today that it will be launching a 100mbps broadband service by the end of the year, making it by far the fastest widely available commercial broadband in the country.

The company has increased the speed of its top level broadband offer from 20mbps to 100mbps in only two years and was the first one to eliminate entry level speeds under 10mbps.

The 100mbps will be gradually rolled out to the 4.1 million Virgin Media broadband customers and prices are expected to be revealed shortly before.

Earlier this year, BT launched a 40mbps Fibre Optic broadband service called Infinity which had a starting price of £20 per month but we were less than enthused by it.

It now seems that Virgin Media has considered that BT is too close for comfort and could either potentially make 20mbps its entry level speed or create a fourth tier and reduce the price of its other speed offers.

Either way, customers are likely to have a free upgrade to the next highest speed or a discount on their existing package. Virgin Media broadband only services cost £20, £30 and £38 for their 10mbps, 20mbps and 50mbps, prices that are discounted once you subscribe to its quad play offer.

Our Comments

Virgin Media says that it will also start testing 200mbps lines in Coventry after having enlisted hundreds of households for the scheme. There are also a number of ISPs offering localised very high speed broadband via Fibre Optic but they have yet to offer the coverage of Virgin Media or BT.

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